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Benefits of Upgrading your study

Secure data storage
We're offering secure cloud storage so you don't have to worry about losing your data. Our automated backup and redistribution systems is well suited for long-term data retention, with emphasis on security. Your data is stored in its native format and can be delivered to you in its original form. No more lost / unreadable CDs.
Duration of storage
The study will be securely stored for 5 years having instant availability. The next 2 years will be stored only on backup systems (cold storage) with availability on request.
Storage space
Studies sizing up to 5GB are accepted for this service. This covers most, if not, all cases. If you need more contact-us!
Seamless sharing
No more faxing, CD burning & mailing, confirmation upon receipt or any other time consuming action. Easily locate the data you need and share it with immediate access in just one-click. This process saves time, cost, and provides a vendor-neutral way to securely collaborate.
Image Format
Studies will be stored with default encodings including lossless formats and displayed using the codec of your choosing (preferably lossless).
Transfer speed and Trafic quota
No speed limits imposed. There's no bandwidth cap. (for reasonable usage)
Extra features
Choose who can see your images (grant/remove access). Developers can use of our api / DICOMWeb to access study data.
Most used cases
Personal study which requires frequent review or is stored as backup.
Online Radiology Courses.