DICOM.link SecurePACS 

DICOM.link SecurePACS is the next step in the evolution of medical data management in cloud infrastructure.
Have your data in cloud, which means sparsed servers, different locations, different technicians and administrators.
But actually own it. You'll be the only one to have access to it due to how cryptography works.

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Same features..

High availability
Access anytime, anywhere, any device.
Simplicity is power
Simple and intuitive interface backed by advanced and complex mechanism you don't have to worry about.
Zero-footprint tools
Manage everything from your browser, no downloads / installs required. Upload, view, download, share instantly.
Best connectivity
Connect to other CloudPACS instances or any standard DICOM modality, workstation, viewers etc via DIMSE / DicomWEB. Easily manage your network of DICOM nodes from one interface. If your PACS is not accesible from internet (eg. behind a firewall, ports not forwarded) there's no problem, we got that covered too.
Seamless sharing
No more faxing, CD burning & mailing, confirmation upon receipt or any other time consuming action. Easily locate the data you need and share it with immediate access in just one-click. This process saves time, cost, and provides a vendor-neutral way to securely collaborate.

.. and more!

SecurePACS is an end-to-end encrypted PACS (picture archiving and communication systems). It uses client-side encryption to protect medical data before it is sent over the internet (internet service providers) to infrastucrure providers (storage servers, relay nodes).

The service can be accessed through a webapp, mobile apps (Android and IOS), and a desktop app (windows, linux, macos).

SecurePACS uses a combination of Public-Key Cryptography Standards (PKCS) and symmetric encryption protocols to offer fully encrypted service, using (but not limited to) the following principles:
When a user creates an account, their browser generates pairs of public and private EC keys which will be used to provide the service.
The public key is used to encrypt incomming data, which will be totally opaque for internet and infrastructure provider (us). The public key is stored in plain text on the server (requirement for pki).
The private key, capable of decrypting the data, is symmetrically encrypted / decrypted with user's account password (*derived from) and only used on user's side (webapp, mobile app, desktop app). Symmetric encryption keys are derived from PKCS private key, on client side, and used to encrypt/decrypt data. The private keys are stored encrypted on server so no developer can access user data or reset passwords. This system absolves the service provider (us) to storing or managing unencrypted data, divulging contents of user data, decrypting data if requested by anyone.
When data is sent from one user to another, it is encrypted with receiver's public key. Once encrypted, only the private key of the recipient can decrypt the mesage. When the recipient logs in, their password derives keys to unlock their private keys, which in turn decrypts in browser (app) database and requested data.
SecurePACS uses exclusively HTTPS and TLS with ephemeral key exchange to encrypt all Internet traffic between users and servers, and DTLS when using realtime communications between apps.

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