dicom.link CloudPACS Client

dicom.link CloudPACS Client is a full-fledged mobile DICOM viewer and a limited PACS server intended for medical images review and collaboration between clinicians, researchers and patients.
It is based on an intuitive, scalable, hybrid platform which combines DICOM standards with web-based technologies, specifically designed for medical data archival, retrieval, visualisation and collaboration.

Key features:

Full integration with dicom.link CloudPACS systems. A dicom.link CloudPACS account is required to use this app. A demo interface is available for testing
Full support for DICOM SCP/SCU & DICOMWeb protocols, as well as some other nonstandard API.
Full support for dicom.link DicomProxy: power up your existing (legacy) PACS with mobile & web technologies.
Connect to other CloudPACS instances or any standard DICOM modality, workstation, viewers etc via DIMSE / DicomWEB. Easily manage your network of DICOM nodes from one interface. If your PACS is not accesible from internet (eg. behind a firewall, ports not forwarded) there's no problem, we got that covered too.
Embedded PACS server using SQLite database and local storage (limited by sdcard/internal memory size).
Support for multi-frame images, JPEG compressed images (both lossy & lossless) and most used modalities.
Import DICOM images from internal or external memory (SD card).
Intuitive interaction with images via touch gestures.
Easy management of your network of DICOM nodes from one simple interface via DIMSE connectivity.
Collaboration with other physicians in real time by instant sharing and notification via CloudPACS.
Easy sharing and importing by the use of QR codes.

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