dicom.link DicomRouter

dicom.link DicomRouter is a highly specialized solution that combines all of DICOM standard with web technologies, standard cryptography and modern scripting.
It that allows PACS administrators to patch every aspect of infrastructure, to improve workflow, automate various tasks, add or improve functions to existing DICOM compatible software/hardware.

Key features:

DICOM cache server, load balancer, router, proxy, user management gateway.
Vendor neutral approach to storage, database access, connectivity. You have full control of the generated data.
Full integration with dicom.link CloudPACS systems. Upload your studies to your CloudPACS and access them anywhere on any platform. Manage your DicomRouter server from CloudPACS GUI, query/view studies, upload/download from PACS, add workstations, setup your own user management system.
Full support for DICOM SCP/SCU & DICOMWeb protocols, as well as some other nonstandard API.
Rule based distribution of DICOM data across a network (scriptable): linking to multiple AETs, based on time schedules, modalities, attribute evaluation, etc;
API available for developers; power up your app.
Embedded PACS server using SQLite database (default), extended by plugins (MySQL, SQL server, PostgreSQL, etc).
Collaboration with other physicians in real time by instant sharing and notification via CloudPACS & cloud notification system.
Full TCP+TLS stack. Encrypt connections, make use of certificate authentication, expose internal (LAN) port to Internet without setting up your firewall or forward any ports.
mDNS autodiscovery.
WebRTC connectivity.
Most used cases:

Load balancer for DICOM-based applications.
Dicom cache server for most used studies .
Add missing connectivity to your main PACS (eg: dicomweb, cget, tls).
Extremely versatile and powerful in usage. Test/debug your existing DICOM infrastructure.
Encrypt connections to/from PACS, use certificate based encryption and client authentication using embedded CA. Many DICOM devices do not natively support secure encryption. Eliminate the need for VPN tunnels between your local and remote networks.
Forward ports from inside your firewall to internet; access your PACS from anywhere even if it's behind a firewall / ports not forwarded.
Simultaneous query, retrieve or store to multivendor DICOM archives.
Reuse an existing connection to your main PACS without contacting the vendor and paying for extra ports or workstations.
Add extra dicom nodes to your network without configuring your main PACS. DicomRouter will do the routing.
On-the-fly transcoding of images: compress your images between the PACS and your workstation to reduce the bandwidth.
On-the-fly anonymization: anonymize your study before sharing / archiving.
Connect to other dicom servers or dicom.link DicomRouter instances and automate tasks like: routing, backup, pre/post fetching, etc.
Seamless secure DICOM communication between different medical devices located in distinct institutions.
Allow secure transfer of dicom data from patients / other professionals via web interface to your PACS / dicom archive.
Advanced (Lua) scriptable DICOM image forwarder, processor and/or DICOM image cache, image modification, filtering, forwarding and conversion.
WebRTC: Build your P2P, decentralized, infrastructure or access your services behind firewall. Seamless connection with dicom.link DicomViewer or other services.
Plug & play for DICOM nodes: self configuring network based on mDNS and P2P technologies.