DICOM.link DicomViewer

An HTML5 zero footprint dicom viewer.
Its feature-rich and intuitive interface brings it close enough to native viewers.
Power up your project with an advanced DICOM viewer. Further integrate it with DicomProxy and enhance your infrastructure.

Example implementations:
Uses the latest web technologies (eg. webassembly), your web clients will benefit near native speeds. No unnecessay computing in your browser, all code stripped to maximun functionality.
Simple and intuitive interface. Most used functions at hand, easily migrate from other software.
Zero-footprint tools
Everything inside your browser, no downloads / installs required. Upload, view, download, share instantly.
Best connectivity
Will work with any DICOM server that supports WADO (Web Access to DICOM Persistent Objects). If paired with dicom.link DicomProxy can query and use DIMSE (eg. classic PACS) systems. Can connect to behind firewall systems by using WebRTC. Connect to any standard DICOM modality, workstation, viewers etc via DIMSE / DicomWEB. If your PACS is not accesible from internet (eg. behind a firewall, ports not forwarded) there's no problem, we got that covered too.
DICOM and more
Most used tools and transfer syntaxes. Drag and drop folders/files/zip archvies, including AES encrypted zips.
MPR, 3D views
Axial, Coronal, & Sagittal view support. Linear MPR. 3D volume rendering via DicomProxy.
Flexible, Composable and Extensible API. Use it in your specific environment.


Powering up your wordpress instalation with dicom capabilities is a plugin installation away

- embed the viewer in a page and drag and drop your studies for review
- embed and autoload a zipped study you have uploaded, build a powerful presentation.
- if you have a CloudPACS account, allow your patients to securely upload to your account from any page on your site.

Nextcloud App

Bring the power of dicom.link to your Nextcloud instalation. Own your storage and benefit from dicom.link DicomViewer on your site. Scan your folders for dicom files and load the on demand. Link your Nextcloud installation with dicom.link DicomProxy and have your files saved to your cloud, push your files to your PACS, retreive your images from PACS to your Nextcloud instalation and so on!

Available Soon

This App will be available soon, check this page out to find more. Register for newsletter and be notified right on time!

dicom.link DicomViewer

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